Guide to Outdoor Seasonal Photo Wardrobe (Late Spring/Early Fall)

Warm to hot weather photo hiking gear

Part 2 of a 5 part guide to technical outdoor clothing and clothing systems for photographing in the great outdoors! Make sure to read and refer to Part 1, Guide to Outdoor Seasonal Photo Wardrobe (Summer). I’m going to go in to less detail on things already covered and part one also has a key for common abbreviations. Now lets get started!

Light Weight – Late Spring/Early Fall (65°F-74°F)


Pretty similar to Summer, but leaning toward long sleeves and heavier weights of baselayer.

My Gear: Patagonia Capilene 1 or 2 shirts, short or long sleeve or lightweight short sleeve nylon or polyester blend button ups or vented back or rolled up long sleeves.

If it’s at the coldest end you might try the Cap 3 LS crew or 1/4 zip neck, but 65 is still fairly warm for that, especially if you are moving around/hiking a good bit. Or you might take a Houdini to throw on over the baselayer if it’s windy to hold in a little extra heat and gain some wind protection.

Pack for Rain

My Gear: Torrentshell or maybe the Houdini for warmer temps or windy conditions when I don’t expect much rain or to will be somewhat sheltered (by trees or what not).

Houdini or Rain Shadow/Torrentshell/Super Cell depending on expected conditions. I’ve found that the Houdini is really only for wind and light rain. If it’s a downpour the rain goes right through it mostly. The other three are waterproof and breathable to some extent. The Super Cell has GORE-TEX and the other two have Patagonia’s H2NO waterproof technology in them. Torrentshell being the cheapest and Super Cell being most expensive due to the name brand waterproof material. Torrentshell and Houdini also have the nice feature that they pack into a pocket and have a loop to hang it from a carabiner. All three have pit-zips to vent out body heat.

I’ve just moved from the Rain Shadow to Torrenshell. I was against the storm flap that covers the zipper on the Torrentshell. I thought the Velcro that holds it down would be a pain to undo and unzip the jacket, but after using it, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. (it’s only a problem when you try and undo it when it’s on a hanger at the store) The other two have waterproof zippers which are a little hard to zip and unzip one handed (especially annoying on pit-zips) though I like the look w/o the storm flap better. If you are looking for color variety they Torrentshell has it in spades. You only get about 3 to 4 choices of color in the other two. If I have breathability issues I might try the Super Cell though.

A rain shower passes by Roan Mountain

I just got to test out the Torrentshell in a pretty decent rain during my last trip to Roan Mountain. The waterproofness worked well, with the humidity and me doing some hiking to get to a better position, it was a bit sticky on the inside. The pit-zips help that a good bit though and if it’s not raining too hard or if you are just using it for general wind protection you can unzip it and fasten the front with only the Velcro on the storm flap over the front zipper for fairly protected ventilation. (also loosen the sleeves all the way for best ventilation)

Hat, Pants, Shoes, Socks

All the same as hot summer wear.

Well that’s about it for this section ON TO FALL!!! (Oh yes, I can feel it in the air in the mornings and evenings)

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