Use Off Camera Flash to Recreate Sunlight

Spring was showing so I was wondering around the yard taking pictures of flowers, but they were mostly in the shade, so I tried adding my own light with wonderful, natural results!

flowers-20160317-56flowers-20160317-57I used my Panasonic GX8 camera with a Canon 550EX flash on manual with a Yongnuo flash trigger to get it off the camera and put a 1/2 CTO gel on the flash to warm it up. (very important!) I set my white balance to Daylight (sun) I held the flash lowish (maybe 10 degrees off level) and off to the left. Now, these aren’t anything special photo wise, but the golden hour effect created by the flash is!

From a flatish, cool, shadowy flowers, to warm, low setting/rising sun look. The sun is just a small lightsource, so the unmodified (besides the color) flash give s the same look as the sun would have shadow wise.

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