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Kingsport Carousel Sunset

Kingsport Carousel SunsetA photo of the Kingsport Carousel with a gorgeous sunset above.

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Readers Digest “Made in America” Contest Winner!

I won 3rd place out of 1200 entrants to the Readers Digest, “Made in America” photo contest for my photo of Jonesborough, Tennessee!

Jonesborough Christmas 20121124-90_Edit

I had this day down on my calendar for a good deal of the year. I had used The Photographers Ephemeris to see what day the sun would set directly down Main Street in Jonesborough. This happened to be Christmas tree lighting day as well, so I stuck around for that too. 🙂


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Gray Wolf Puppies Arrive at Bays Mountain Park!

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5 Tips to Photograph Animals through a Fence

Depending on your zoo/nature preserve, you’ll be shooting through fence, bars, or a window of some sort. (probably thick plexiglass type stuff) If you are lucky you will have a clear shot over whatever is keeping the animal contained and can ignore most of this, but that probably won’t be the case most of the time. Check though the gallery at the end for example photos with explanatory captions.

Shot though 2 fences. Faster and longer lens got rid of the fence 99%.  f/2.8 400mm
Shot though 2 fences. Faster and longer lens than I normally have got rid of the fence 99%. f/2.8 400mm


Guide to Outdoor Seasonal Photo Wardrobe (Late Spring/Early Fall)

Warm to hot weather photo hiking gear

Part 2 of a 5 part guide to technical outdoor clothing and clothing systems for photographing in the great outdoors! Make sure to read and refer to Part 1, Guide to Outdoor Seasonal Photo Wardrobe (Summer). I’m going to go in to less detail on things already covered and part one also has a key for common abbreviations. Now lets get started!