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What am I in to/Working on?

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What do I photograph?

I'm glad you asked!

I photograph festivals, events, music, tourism, travel, commercial, products, petsnature, and wildlife! I even do copy shots of other people’s artwork so they can show and reproduce that traditional art media digitally! 

Work In Progress


I finally added an image portfolio with some categories of things I have and can photograph! I may add a couple more in there later, but now need to refine what I put in there probably now that it’s live and fuctional.

Keep Exploring! -Jay

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Nice Words from Nice People

"I just want to say “WOW” and thank you. You’ve done a phenomenal job on photos this year and I can’t wait to use these!"
"I’ve JUST opened the photo link and clicked through a few folders and wanted to stop and send you this message. So good! Excellent job. Looking forward to using them in our materials this year."

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