My Gear

Camera Body


Camera Bags/Packs

Tripod/Ball Head

  • Dolica AX620B100 Fairly cheap, but really pretty decent and light weight tripod and “Chinese/Ebay” (K1?) ballhead of some sort. (not the one that came with the tripod)
  • Optika Monopod
  • Really Right Stuff L plate bracket for the 7D and EM-5 (arca-swiss style)


  • 550 EX Speedlite Flash (save some money and get this instead of a 580 EXII)
  • 430 EX-II Speedlite Flash
  • Youngio RF-603 remote flash triggers (I actually have older ones than these that are separate trigger and remote, but this is what I’d get if I got them now)
  • Intervalometer/cable release

Other Stuff

  • 77mm Marumi Circular Polarizer Best CP out there!
  • 77mm Neewer variable ND that works quite well, no better than the Sing-Ray I used to have that runs for about $400! This one is under $15!
  • 77mm UV filter just in case I get into some situation I really want the front glass to be protected. Otherwise my lens hood is my protection.
  • Step down rings in case I want to use those filters on something like my 70-200 f/4 which is only 67mm front threads.


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