Guide to Outdoor Seasonal Photo Wardrobe (Mid-weight – Fall)

Part 3 of a 5 part guide to technical outdoor clothing and clothing systems for photographing in the great outdoors! Make sure to read and refer to Part 1, Summer and Part 2, Late Spring/Early Fall. I’ll go in to less detail on things I’ve already covered in previous parts.  FYI, Part 1 has a key for common abbreviations. Now on to FALL!

Mid-weight – Fall (55°F-64°F)

Baselayer Shirt

My Gear: Patagonia Capilene 1 or 2 long sleeve shirts. Possibly Cap 3 for the colder range especially if you don’t have a shell or mid/outer layer on. A Houdini and Cap 3 would be a good combo for the colder end of this weather.

Baselayer Pants

I doubt you’ll need a baselayer bottom for these temps, especially if hiking much. We’ll get to that with the next section!

Light rain/wind coat with light baselayer and wide hat

Midlayer/Insulation and/or Shell

My Gear: Patagonia R1 or R2 fleece or Long sleeve button up over a light baselayer.

This may be too heavy except for the coldest end of this range. This is probably good for the early morning late evening. Layer with a light baselayer and light insulation which would be a outer layer in this case. Then strip off the outer layer when it warms up. I’ll go into the midlayer properties more in the part 4 of this guide. As mentioned above you might use a very light jacket like the Houdini over a Cap 3 baselayer as well.


My Gear: I might move into a bit heavier pants for fall. Patagonia Rock Guide softshell (but still very light weight), Simple Guide (just a bit heavier than the Rock Guide), or maybe regular Guide pants for colder temps. All are water and wind resistant and very stretchy and tough.

You could probably easily still get away with the light summer pants or add a baselayer to them if you get cold. This route will save you some money too.


My Gear: Depending on the temp and wind, it might be beanie time or at least a hood, but probably just the same old wide brim hat from the warmer seasons.

Packed for Rain

My Gear: Torrentshell or Lightweight Softshell “Guide” Jacket such as the Simple Guide. I actually have a Moosejaw Kenny Friedman jacket that is very similar to the Simple Guide.

The Patagonia softshells are almost all pretty rain and water resistant with a DWR coating. (as is this Moosejaw jacket) They also breath pretty well and will wick any body moisture from the inside out. (better than a hard shell like the Torrentshell)


My Gear: Polartec Power Stretch or wool glove liners

You might want a light glove if it’s cooler and/or windy. Otherwise you can probably make it with out. I found some great wool military glove liners for $.99 (plus about $3 shipping) They are surprisingly grippy. I didn’t think wool would grip that well. Depending on what your liners are made of, and how rough you are on them, they may wear kind of quickly.


My Gear: See Part 1. It’s not cold enough to wear insulated boots yet.


My Gear: Patagonia merino wool blend and SmartWool of the crew or 3/4 crew height. Light to Mid-weight “hiking socks” for these conditions.

That’s it for this section. See you when it gets “cold”.

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