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Kit Lens vs. Pro Kit Lens and Budget Lens Buying Guide

Looks like it's been overly scaled up. It hasn't. Horrible!
Looks like it’s been overly scaled up. It hasn’t. Horrible!

I got my hands on a Canon Rebel 4Ti the other day and it came with a fairly standard EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 with IS v2 kit lens. I used to use this lens for my wide lens at one point. (actually bought one from ebay!) I was using it to shoot some ebay photos and was noticing I was getting some pretty bad “bloom” and things were looking pretty soft, so I decided to check it against my 24-105 f/4 L IS (which is the “kit lens” on some higher end cameras such the 5D MkII-III and I think you can get a 7D with that as a kit lens too). I also put it on my 7D for a double check. It was night and day! See the photos after the jump!

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Just a heads up. I hope to post more photos and tips directly to the site. I still hope to find a better “photo” theme, but that takes actually looking for one then implementing it. I’d rather be shooting and processing photos really. 😀

Currently I’ve just been posting to my Twitter account, because it’s easy and quick, so for some of my latest photos and thoughts you can watch that. (see the right sidebar)